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MyFitnessApp is a free fitness app that helps you to get the best out of you.
It has a simple interface to easily track your workouts and calories.

Do you want to start workout? Then MyFitnessApp is also your fitness app.

Calorie Tracking

Track your calories by searching the product by name or scanning the barcode. If the product is not available in the database you can add your own products.

Workout Tracking

Use either the simple workout tracking mode or the advanced workout mode. In advanced mode, not only the muscle group is saved, but also the exercises, sets, repetitions and weight.

Weight Tracking

Track your weight with just one click. You also have the option to create reminders to track your weight. You will then receive push notifications reminding you of this on a weekly basis.

Personal Records

If you use the advanced workout mode, you can see your personal records. From now on you will always know what your maximum weight was for each exercise.

Interval Timer

There is a simple interval timer that you can use for anything. You can configure the number of intervals, the length of the intervals and the pauses in between.


The app gives you a lot of options to analyse your training data. From diagrams to visualisations, it's all there.